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Lifting Supervisor

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account_balance Safety Management
place Duhok


We looking to hire a Lifting Supervisor for one of it's Oil & Gas clients in Duhok to supervise the lifting and HSSE operations. The ideal candidate must have at least 5 years of experience and must be fluent in English and Arabic.
This position will be for 6 Days per week and 8 hours per day and this position daily rate package.
Multi-tasking for covering lifting supervisor position when needed
Aware of lifting operations standards and procedures
Knowledge of mechanical lifting plan, lifting equipment and gears
Act as a key member of the Lifting Team
The riggers, the Crane Operator and any other person involved in the lift are familiar with and follow the safe system of work and the details and limitations recorded in the lifting plan
Crane Operators are suitably trained and competent (if not informs Crane Cocoordinator and QHSSE Manager)
The safe working load (SWL) is never exceeded, other than for the express purpose of testing a crane under the supervision of a competent person. There are no exceptions to this
Cranes do not operate in any weather conditions that exceed the limit stated for that type of crane
The assessment and planning of lifting operations is undertaken and complies with the requirements of the COMPANY lifting operations procedure
A suitable and sufficient risk assessment has been carried out, which considers all aspects of the lift including environmental factors such as the proximity of obstructions, underground services, overhead cables and structures
Lift plans and method statements for the lifting operation and developed as appropriate
Appropriate protection measures are put in place
A current thorough examination and/or test record has been issued and is available for each item of lifting equipment and accessory
The SWL of the lifting equipment and accessories is adequate for the weight of the load
All lifting accessories are clearly marked with their safe working load
Correct and up-to-date copies of the Sling Chart and Safe Working Load tables are available, when using multi-leg slings
The method of communication is agreed and understood by everyone involved in the lift
All personnel involved in the lifting operation have been briefed and understand the risks, methods or work and the equipment to be used including emergency arrangements
The appropriate permissions have been gained if it is necessary to position any crane on the confined space (or other public place) to carry out lifting operations
The crane will be capable of lifting the required loads at the maximum required radius of operation
The weight of each load is known, and that the correct lifting accessories are available
Check that there are no restrictions on the access, i.e. check size(s) of vehicles for rigging/derigging
All necessary precautions with regards to live overhead electric .


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